boutique, personalised service in two premium locations

Randwick stables

John O’Shea Racing’s stable at Randwick combines a centrally-located, world class training complex with a first rate, yet high value, training team.

At Randwick we are blessed with wonderful facilities for training racehorses to achieve their highest potential.

Our stable consists of 50 boxes with a private treadmill, swimming pool, sand gallop, a state of the art Polytrack gallop and multiple grass tracks maintained to the highest level.

The stable is located just a short drive to the beach at Botany, which is regularly used to both aid with recovery and as a revitalising ‘day out’ for the horses.


Maximising your horses potential with a wealth of experience and first class facilities.

Hawkesbury Stables

Outdoor paddocks and a wide range of facilities

In late 2021, we proudly opened our second stable, at Hawkesbury Racecourse.

Consisting of 25 boxes, it offers further facilities to complement our Randwick complex.

Based at the Glenn Haven property, one of the premier stabling facilities in NSW, it has turn out paddocks, day yards, a Polytrack and off-track trail rides, as well as access to a treadmill and pool.

Providing a safe and relaxed environment, it is well suited to horses that can be overwhelmed by the busier environment of Randwick.